Where’s Wally… our resident Koala at Secrets on the Lake!

By April 17, 2019 November 29th, 2019 No Comments

Have you seen him yet? Short, dark and hairy… very cute? You will… but knowing exactly where he will be at any given time is another story. Wally has recently been spotted mating in a tree high above The Bower treehouse, munching on eucalyptus leaves near Waterlillies, nestled in the fork of a tree right next to the gazebo in our Dining on the Deck restaurant, right outside our bedroom window, walking on the road on the way up to The Nest, and scrambling over the deck near The Whistle Stop’s Spa Bath.

Koalas have always been in this neck of the woods and were quite plentiful before Lake Baroon was constructed. I remember my children 40 years ago squealing with delight at the odd grunts of a koala perched in a tree just metres from their bedroom window. Our furry friends have been hit hard by the removal of our gum forests and sadly there are only about 80% of the population left. Here at Secrets on the Lake though, we have designed our world class treehouses to have negligible impact on the unspoilt environment and ancient rainforest. There is a real feeling of pride and joy that this choice to celebrate and sympathise with our natural world has enabled the wildlife in this area to thrive once again.

From the moment you step foot at Secrets, you will discover a loving attention to detail everywhere you look – beautiful carved furniture, delicate forged ironwork, handmade pottery, leadlight windows and many other finishing touches handcrafted by local artists. This intimate connection with nature is no more apparent than when you are relaxing on your treehouse deck enjoying the visiting birds and Kookaburras, spotting a sleepy Lizard, or smiling at Mother Possum showing off her beautiful baby. But if you are lying in bed at night and start hearing some weird sounds in the trees. maybe its Wally coming to visit. Say hello from me!

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