Strange times indeed…

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These are strange times we are in… and the hum in everyone’s ears at Secrets on the Lake is coronavirus. It is all we see on our devices and screens. It is all we hear about on the news. Whether we like it or not, it’s here, it will get worse, and is not going away anytime soon. We need to support each other, support local business, and support the vulnerable in our community. If you can lend a hand. then extend a hand to those that need it. But in all this we need not to forget that we only have one life… and to live it.

Health advice remains pretty consistent… wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly. Avoid close contact and places where large groups of people congregate, avoid small air-conditioned spaces where air recirculates. Try to cough into your arm, and sneeze into hankies (I’d say tissues but the empty shelves in the supermarket make that pretty hard). And, if we all follow these guidelines then Australia will fare much better than some of the countries abroad that did not take early action… and we can help keep our loved ones safe.

The irony is that times like these is when you most need a break from it all. You can still eat out at an amazing restaurant without putting yourself or others at risk by dining in crowded air-conditioned spaces. Come and enjoy the open-air rainforest ambiance of the Dining on the Deck experience at our daytime restaurant on the shores of Lake Baroon in Montville. We have put in some new practices for your safety and have now spaced tables to allow for health recommendations around ideal social distancing. We are also changing tablecloths every sitting, and only bringing cutlery, plates and glasses to your table as your order to avoid any contaminate exposure. All table items are disinfected between sittings and our amazing staff and kitchen crew are doing their upmost to provide you with a mouth-watering break from the kitchen in a stunning space that is as safe as we can possibly make it.

If you stay in one of our world-class luxury treehouses, you also have the option to dine in and enjoy intimate meals for two delivered to your treehouse door. You can choose from a menu of chef prepared courses to savour in your own dining area. Or you can select one of our famous BBQ hampers complete with dessert and say hello to the possums while you cook your chosen meats to your own perfection.

All of our luxury treehouses are designed as intimate escapes for couples. You are not sharing spaces… just a beautiful romantic escape with each other. You really can celebrate that birthday, anniversary or special occasion in style, and in safety, at Secrets. If your honeymoon cruise was cancelled, or annual holiday abroad is on hold… you don’t need to give up on having a getaway. We have amped up already stringent cleaning and hygiene practices and can guarantee a bug free space for you to sip champagne, soak up the spa, or take in the magnificent views of the lake from the unique wooden swing seat on your private deck.

So, give yourself a break while the supermarket shelves restock themselves and give one of our friendly staff a call or email to enquire about booking in some ‘me’ time away from the crowds in our ancient rainforest hideaway. Call 07 5478 5 888 or email or visit

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