Once in a lifetime…

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Every day has its own charm and special moments if you know how and where to look for them, but last week we had one of those truly extra-special days at Dining on the Deck. The drizzle of the rains created that ‘gorillas in the mist’ movie effect over the rainforest, the lake was grey and moody, and the restaurant patrons were soaking it all up with high spirits and the accessional knee rug. Our restaurant manager Di Knowles gets a certain (slightly crazy) kick out of our busy days with big groups and full bookings, but she had been excited about the lead up to this particular day for some time. So what was so special about this day? Well… we had three large birthday groups booked in for 3 special people, and their combined age was 270 years old! That’s one person turning 100, one turning 90, and one turning 80!

We were truly delighted to host these celebrations for the birthday girls and boy! In a world where the elderly are often invisible and too often neglected or disconnected from family… it was truly special to see the love and connection so very apparent across the floor at Dining on the Deck, and shared by so many generations of each family. What an amazing feat to have seen so many things change over this last century, the world so vastly different now in so many ways. And how beautiful to see the words and wishes of ‘the wise’ so loved, cherished and respected by their families. We would like to thank these families from the bottom of our hearts for their patronage, and for sharing this special day with us here at Secrets on the Lake. We think you made the perfect choice for your celebration ?

But for those of us that are not turning 100, or even 90 this year… you don’t need an excuse to spoil yourselves or celebrate at Secrets on the Lake. Whether it is an intimate meal for 2, a beautiful breakfast or brunch on your way to explore the majestic hinterland, or a group or club function for up to 80 people… we have you covered! And in our magical wonderland where details are so very important, you can be sure we go that extra mile to make everyone feel special. Please don’t hesitate to contact Di to find out how we can spoil you rotten for your special event… or even pull out all the stops and book a night in our world-class luxury treehouses to make it a day that you will never forget. Call 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

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