Keeping it local…

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I grew up in a small farming community where neighbours were more than the people next door. Your neighbours were your friends… and often your angels in disguise when things turned scary with floods and fires. This sense of community is often lost in this modern world where sanity is often preserved by keeping your distance rather than opening your doors. George and I were lucky enough to retain this sense of community while bringing our young family up in Baroon Pocket many years ago… and we would like to think ‘community’ is not a thing of the past even now.

As a family owned and run small business in the Sunny Coast’s Hinterland, local support and custom is crucial to keeping our doors open and lovely local staff in jobs. But it works both ways, it is also really important to us to support, shop, and promote other local business operators in the hinterland and Sunshine Coast. Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally, often provides better wages and benefits, better and more personal customer service… and supporting them only ends up benefitting you, our neighbours.

Supporting local is better for your health too! Local foods often retain more nutrients. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, while food that travels long distances is often picked before it’s ripe. Food picked fresh and in season doesn’t have far to travel before being sold. Buying local also helps save the environment… which is in dodgy times for many reasons. When you consider the carbon footprint of transporting goods long distances to consumers, it makes total sense to us at Secrets on the Lake to buy products locally.

The menu at our licensed daytime restaurant Dining on the Deck is packed full of healthy dietary choices made with fresh ingredients from local suppliers! We love that we get to know the people behind the fantastic produce that is magically transformed into the culinary delights appearing on your plate when you visit us at Secrets Dining on the Deck. We want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the local producers who provide us with the freshest, best quality products and services our beautiful region has to offer. Thankyou one and all… rockstars and angels alike.

Strawberry Fields – Pick your own delicious berries from the fields

(07) 5494 5146

Mullawa Ranch – Local wine and waagu beef

(07) 5498 1110

Jabula Roses – Beautiful roses and amazing cherry tomatoes

(07) 5445 0552

Maleny Cheese – Tasty local cheese and yoghurts

(07) 5494 2207

Bradys Fruit – The best of local produce in  Palmwoods

+61 5445 9260

Maleny Harvest – The best of local produce in Maleny

(07) 5435 2066

We Meat Again – Amazing local butcher in Palmwoods

(07) 5445 9006

Saintsational Sausages – Over 50 varieties of Maleny-made organic sausages – yum!

0432 551 323

Clinton Miller – Pineapples

(07) 5445 0274

Mooloolah Valley Honey – Buy this honey from our reception

Hum Honey – Cold fused lavender honey

0419 769 947

Kenilworth Dairies

(07) 5446 0144


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