A Breathtaking Display Of
Artistic Brilliance

Dining on the Deck | Art Gallery

Carefully Crafted Art

Welcome to the Secrets on the Lake Art Gallery, where the allure of Lake Baroon in Montville serves as the perfect backdrop for a breathtaking display of artistic brilliance. Our carefully curated collection features renowned artists such as Jack Wilms, Cathy Lawley, Sandra Bordonaro, Mark Kalifa, Lindsay Muir, Siggy Cairns, Diane Somers-Cooke, Jim Cox, and Heather Jones.
Each artist brings a unique perspective, offering an eclectic mix of styles and subjects that seamlessly complement our stunning art space, itself a masterpiece of design. Designed by George Johnston and his son Rob, our gallery is a seamless fusion of interior elegance and the natural splendour outside. Expansive windows frame the rainforest vista and provide captivating glimpses of the tranquil Lake Baroon, creating an immersive experience that seamlessly connects art with nature.

To truly immerse yourself in the magic of our collection, we invite you to visit our gallery in person, where you can witness firsthand the harmonious interplay between art and the surrounding natural beauty.